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Happy New Year

It's taken nine months....

Compliments of the season

Undershaw - Saturation Point

Sorry for the lack of recent posts

One of my favourite images.

If you're stuck for a Sherlockian Xmas Present...

Undershaw - Apparent Press Bias

Spanish? Need a Sherlockian guide to London? Read on.

1928 has begun

Review: Petr Kopl's comic-book The Hound of the Baskervilles

Sherlock Special Pic - What do we make of it?

Review: Petr Kopl's comic-book A Scandal in Bohemia *Updated

New Comic Book Holmes

It's nice that people read my blog but.....

It's a twisted world

Too many hurdles

I feel like I'm near the finishing line...

Undershaw latest - my support reluctantly withheld

Review: Sherlock Holmes in a New Light

It's nearly over....

Museum of London - Sherlock Exhibition

Undershaw: This has to stop now!

Ripper Street Series 3 trailer

UPDATED Undershaw - English Heritage, Hypocrisy

Death mask of Sherlock Holmes

Museum of London - Youtube video of official opening

Undershaw - BBC sending out wrong message

Museum of London exhibition

Back to the coal-face.

RLG Collection and RNIB

Lost William Gillette film - found!

Undershaw: The proposed plans

Today's celebs have it easy

A pressie from Canada

Houdini - Mini series - Part 2 Review

Houdini - Mini series - Part 1 Review

Conan Doyle Estate - Latest

A request for advice

"Filling the void" is going too far

Book progress update

ACD Dramatisation - an idea?

Why do I do this to myself?

Undershaw - Change of use apparently approved.

Sherlockian to Doylean - A natural progression?

Stoddart Dinner Report

Stoddart Dinner - An appeal

The patter of tiny feet.....

Stoddart Dinner - It's not long now...

Colour me surprised

Trading on the name....?

Haslemere Herald and Undershaw

Most popular posts

S-list celeb - my thoughts

Sherlock Holmes at the Museum of London

Colonel Moran and Curry

Stoddart Dinner Invitations

Book Review: Oscar Slater - The 'Immortal' Case of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Updated! Undershaw - The current situation (I think)

Undershaw in recent local press

Undershaw Planning application

It's been a lazy week

Undershaw - Work starts soon

A "Deduction" of Sherlocks

Good meeting

Conan Doyle and the 'militants'

The object of my attention is currently....

1916 is getting closer

Undershaw EH Listing Latest!

A nice review

Book progress

RIP Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Reaction to series four announcement

So we're getting FOUR new episodes of Sherlock

Russian Sherlock - What's going on?

Sherlockian Saturation - is it a risk?

UPDATE Baker Street Tube Shock!

Stoddart Dinner - An Update

Would Conan Doyle like 'Sherlock' ?

Who are the readership?

Thoughts on Sherlockian blogs and social media

I wrote a little about this today...

Book update June 6 2014

Spiritualism reading - A History of Ghosts

Crikey! There's nothing on.

I would like to observe....

2013 Montpellier Award

Guest posts - The rules...

Do you love Sherlock Holmes? Okay, which one?

The print is up


The notebook

My collecting continues

Book update

Greedy Sherlockians revisited

Canadian Holmes - Guest Editorial

Stoddart Dinner - Update

Windlesham Update

Sherlock: Where is all the speculation?

New book

Brief break

Writing and stuff

Undershaw revisited (again)

A Unique event - The Stoddart Dinner

A great honour

Blog changes afoot?

Are some stories almost impossible to film?

Wow. Number 1 for a few minutes

Further thoughts on Undershaw news

Undershaw - Sorry but I'm not celebrating yet

I've added a cloud

Musings on "Hands of a Murderer"

I was recently asked a question....

Do non-canonical Holmes films get remade?

A bit of self-therapy

Sherlock(ish) item on eBay

The "Real" Sherlock Holmes - Give us a break!

Dr Watson - Why buffoon?

Sherlock Vs Elementary - Has there been a shift in judgement?

Spoilerish - We are in the dip