Greedy Sherlockians revisited

Back in October of 2012 I wrote a post that explored the notion that, collectively, we have become greedy Sherlockians.

In said post, I concentrated on the opinions (both actual and supposed) of Dame Jean Conan Doyle. However I no longer think her words are necessary to underscore the point.

We are greedy and that simple fact is being used against us.

Companies know that they can slap the name Sherlock on anything and find an audience and, more importantly, an income (touched on in another post)

Film and TV makers know that they can put a member of the Sherlock cast in almost anything and thus guarantee that a sizeable number of the show's fans will tune in (of course, this is a standard tactic with any actor who has become popular). Social media follows suit with blogs and other sites originally set up around Sherlock then following its cast members into other shows/films with the result that they end up becoming cast-centred sites rather than show-centred sites.

Am I the only one resisting this or am I failing to resist this and simply not noticing or acknowledging it? Scary thought.

Written by Alistair Duncan
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  1. Buyer beware!
    Where can I get the duck.

    I find it most irritating When Sherlock name is used on a book, and it really has little to do with Holmes. (Which I believe you have commented on recently.

  2. I had a copy of that duck for about a half an hour, until someone pointed out that my houses have shower stalls, rather than tubs, so she "needed" the duck more than I did.


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