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Free Sherlock - verdict

Saved by the Speckled Band

Time is nearly up.....

Would Victorian "Sherlock" have been as popular?

Wow. That all got a bit mad didn't it?

Sherlock at the BFI aka Morangate

Compliments of the season

How do we see Sherlock Holmes?

Sherlock - New Launch Trailer

Sherlock Holmes post 1903 - the Bee-keeping Years

An invitation: suggest a topic

A great film with Doylean and Sherlockian links.

UPDATED: Buy something Sherlockian - It's Cyber-Monday

Sherlock has risen before you know...

It's Jan 1st ........

Latest Sherlock S3 trailer

Review: First Books of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – edited by Stephan Arthur of The Poor Folk Upon the Moors

So my prediction was out then...

Missing Sherlock? You're so lucky

Oh dear....

Sherlock Holmes R.I.P. ?

Is it possible to legitimately criticise Sherlock or Elementary?

Doylean Giants: Hesketh Pearson

Society Plug - The Poor Folk Upon the Moors

So what do we think about colouring Rathbone?

Adaptations can only hurt themselves

Arthur Conan Doyle - A Study in Accuracy

Sherlock and Watson eh?

Sherlock at the BFI - my thoughts

Arthur Conan Doyle and women

Should things that are “off the page” stay that way?

Happy Birthday Mr Brett

The Worst Tenant - A JB tribute

Happy Birthday (almost) Jeremy Brett

Undershaw Watch

So there's a US air date - relax people, I think it'll be Jan 11 or 12 in the UK

Talkin' 'bout my generation

Undershaw: A brief video

Guest posts

Undershaw: A good development?

Undershaw - the saga continues

Guest Post: The Many Faces of Irene

ANOTHER UPDATE South Norwood Tourist Board - Lake naming

I need to write something....

Guest Post: The Island of Uffa

Guest bloggers

Unsympathetic “victims”

Langdale Pike - Two characters blended together?

I shall struggle on

I must be quite mad

The Hound Returns...

Book preservation

Why are you all fighting? Oh I see, "Elementary" series two has begun has it?

Latest addition to the collection and the "science" behind it

Has Twitter matured?

The latest BSJ

The Free Sherlock campaign

Experimenting with a new detective?

False Alarm

Hi-de-Hi readers

Video of Granada props in London

Shout out to Arthur Wontner

Cumberbatch must be stopped

What do I collect?

Initial thoughts/review of Conan Doyle –Writing, Profession, and Practice by Douglas Kerr

Conan Doyle, boxing and a case of very bad timing

Current reading

Four ages of Conan Doyle

Downey Jr’s Sherlock Holmes – Surplus to requirements?

South Norwood Tourist Board - A wee mistake

Book Review: Conan Doyle and the Crimes Club by Stephen Wade

Undershaw post - follow up

Undershaw and Grayshott

A Study in Syllables

Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke interview

May 4 1891

A 3 or 4 or 5 pipe problem?

Baron Gruner – The villain I want to see

The original Reichenbach Fall

My tumblr is no more

BBC Sherlock - Ignorance is bliss

Two more items in the library

Le Figaro - again!

Mycroft – The unwanted Holmes

Twitter abuse aimed at Mark Gatiss

What is the future of the new Russian Sherlock?

Hello Latvia

Amusing use of Sherlock in advertising

Sherlock S3 - Teaser trailer.....question

Sherlock Series 3 Teaser

The Priory School – semi-autobiographical?

Money Vs Longevity - A brief follow up

Moves to name a lake after Arthur Conan Doyle

So we have a new villain - CAM Devil

Sherlockian fiction V non-fiction – money or longevity?

Latest eBay piece of fun

Black Armbands - more elusive than the Holy Grail?

Stalking history

An ACD/Sherlock festival in Haslemere? Ideas please.

Weird Sherlock items on eBay

How many more times?

An old favourite

A three-pipe problem

Le Figaro - Pre-translated/edited questions and answers

Le Figaro - interview about BBC Sherlock

Ross K Reads from "Eliminate the Impossible"

Article soon to be published

A gentle reminder

Pastiche or not pastiche?

Great Sherlock Holmes debate IV - Warner Bros

Britain's Secret Homes

Who can be replaced?

We profit by his mistakes

A Study in Desperation...?

Weekend viewing....perhaps

Blog post comments - the situation

Small technical update.

Undershaw - another anniversary

Sherlock Holmes and drugs

Unseen footage - Langham Hotel Plaque unveiling March 19 2010

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Sherlockian saturation?

Bank Holiday Viewing

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Defend ACD - Who decides literary importance?

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Weak men in the Canon

Happy birthday ACD

Subcutaneously my dear Watson

Plaque at Tennison Road - word from English Heritage

Has Sherlock stifled Sherlockian TV output?

English Heritage and 12 Tennison Road

Wracking my brains

Strong women in the Canon.