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Free Sherlock - verdict

Saved by the Speckled Band

Time is nearly up.....

Would Victorian "Sherlock" have been as popular?

Wow. That all got a bit mad didn't it?

Sherlock at the BFI aka Morangate

Compliments of the season

How do we see Sherlock Holmes?

Sherlock - New Launch Trailer

Sherlock Holmes post 1903 - the Bee-keeping Years

An invitation: suggest a topic

A great film with Doylean and Sherlockian links.

UPDATED: Buy something Sherlockian - It's Cyber-Monday

Sherlock has risen before you know...

It's Jan 1st ........

Latest Sherlock S3 trailer

Review: First Books of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – edited by Stephan Arthur of The Poor Folk Upon the Moors

So my prediction was out then...

Missing Sherlock? You're so lucky

Oh dear....

Sherlock Holmes R.I.P. ?

Is it possible to legitimately criticise Sherlock or Elementary?

Doylean Giants: Hesketh Pearson

Society Plug - The Poor Folk Upon the Moors

So what do we think about colouring Rathbone?

Adaptations can only hurt themselves

Arthur Conan Doyle - A Study in Accuracy

Sherlock and Watson eh?

Sherlock at the BFI - my thoughts

Arthur Conan Doyle and women

Should things that are “off the page” stay that way?

Happy Birthday Mr Brett

The Worst Tenant - A JB tribute

Happy Birthday (almost) Jeremy Brett

Undershaw Watch

So there's a US air date - relax people, I think it'll be Jan 11 or 12 in the UK

Talkin' 'bout my generation

Undershaw: A brief video

Guest posts

Undershaw: A good development?

Undershaw - the saga continues

Guest Post: The Many Faces of Irene

ANOTHER UPDATE South Norwood Tourist Board - Lake naming

I need to write something....

Guest Post: The Island of Uffa

Guest bloggers

Unsympathetic “victims”

Langdale Pike - Two characters blended together?

I shall struggle on

I must be quite mad

The Hound Returns...

Book preservation

Why are you all fighting? Oh I see, "Elementary" series two has begun has it?

Latest addition to the collection and the "science" behind it

Has Twitter matured?

The latest BSJ

The Free Sherlock campaign

Experimenting with a new detective?

False Alarm

Hi-de-Hi readers

Video of Granada props in London

Shout out to Arthur Wontner

Cumberbatch must be stopped

What do I collect?

Initial thoughts/review of Conan Doyle –Writing, Profession, and Practice by Douglas Kerr

Conan Doyle, boxing and a case of very bad timing

Current reading

Four ages of Conan Doyle

Downey Jr’s Sherlock Holmes – Surplus to requirements?

South Norwood Tourist Board - A wee mistake

Book Review: Conan Doyle and the Crimes Club by Stephen Wade

Undershaw post - follow up

Undershaw and Grayshott

A Study in Syllables

Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke interview

May 4 1891

A 3 or 4 or 5 pipe problem?

Baron Gruner – The villain I want to see

The original Reichenbach Fall

My tumblr is no more

BBC Sherlock - Ignorance is bliss

Two more items in the library

Le Figaro - again!

Mycroft – The unwanted Holmes

Twitter abuse aimed at Mark Gatiss

What is the future of the new Russian Sherlock?

Hello Latvia

Amusing use of Sherlock in advertising

Sherlock S3 - Teaser trailer.....question

Sherlock Series 3 Teaser

The Priory School – semi-autobiographical?

Money Vs Longevity - A brief follow up

Moves to name a lake after Arthur Conan Doyle

So we have a new villain - CAM Devil

Sherlockian fiction V non-fiction – money or longevity?

Latest eBay piece of fun

Black Armbands - more elusive than the Holy Grail?

Stalking history

An ACD/Sherlock festival in Haslemere? Ideas please.

Weird Sherlock items on eBay

How many more times?

An old favourite

A three-pipe problem

Le Figaro - Pre-translated/edited questions and answers

Le Figaro - interview about BBC Sherlock

Ross K Reads from "Eliminate the Impossible"

Article soon to be published

A gentle reminder

Pastiche or not pastiche?

Great Sherlock Holmes debate IV - Warner Bros

Britain's Secret Homes

Who can be replaced?

We profit by his mistakes

A Study in Desperation...?

Weekend viewing....perhaps

Blog post comments - the situation

Small technical update.

Undershaw - another anniversary

Sherlock Holmes and drugs

Unseen footage - Langham Hotel Plaque unveiling March 19 2010

Reichenbach - why Reichenbach?

Sherlockian saturation?

Bank Holiday Viewing

The Mystery of the Brass Plates

Defend ACD - Who decides literary importance?

It's Undershaw Day

Why is Sherlock Holmes English?

Weak men in the Canon

Happy birthday ACD

Subcutaneously my dear Watson

Plaque at Tennison Road - word from English Heritage

Has Sherlock stifled Sherlockian TV output?

English Heritage and 12 Tennison Road

Wracking my brains

Strong women in the Canon.


Tonight's destination

12 Tennison Road is Sold