Review: The Devil's Due by Bonnie MacBird

The Devil's Due is Bonnie MacBird's third Sherlock Holmes novel and I say up front that it is the best so far.

Let's revisit Elementary and have a rambling commentary...

Now seems a good time to revisit the age old Sherlock Vs Elementary debate. Both shows have been around for a while now - one over, to all intents and purposes, and the other nearly over. I think it was only ever possible to truly compare them at the end rather than the beginning.

A plea for guest posts

Not all that long ago I made a plea for guest posts. Sadly, I've had nobody take me up on it.

Don't relegate him - elevate him.

As anyone worth their salt knows, May 22nd was Conan Doyle's birthday. Once again there was a clutch of posts on social media clamouring for it to be seen as Annual Sherlock Holmes Day. I cannot fathom why people seek to belittle Holmes's creator - whether or not they see it that way.

Beeton's Christmas Annual facsimile from Life is Amazing

The Beeton's Christmas Annual of 1887 is something of a Holy Grail in Sherlockian and Doylean circles. It represents the first appearance in print of our favourite detective.

ACD Estate - Character material

In an earlier blog post I talked about a contribution I had made to the website of the Conan Doyle Estate...