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Review: The Three Locks by Bonnie MacBird

It's always a pleasure to review a Sherlock Holmes story by Bonnie MacBird as she is one of the few writers to genuinely make a good job of emulating the master. As I often state, I am hard on pastiche as so much of it is poor or written by people who have no intention of offering a Holmes and Watson in keeping with the original template. Once again, I am happy to say that I had an experience far from that with this title.  Straight off the bat we have conflict. A mysterious box arrives for Watson which he cannot open and Holmes warns him not to touch. This triggers an argument that causes Watson to storm out of Baker Street. He returns to find Holmes in a straight-jacket. This made me feel right at home as it is totally in keeping with the Holmes who fires bullets into his own wall or conducts chemical experiments on the living room table. In a very short space of time the duo have two further mysteries on their plates. A magician under possible threat from a rival and a young w

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