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SHSL Winter 2010 Journal is now out

Ian Richardson

Where to cut?

Christmas 2010 recommendations

Article on Undershaw in the Independent

Radio Interview with Mark Gatiss re Undershaw

A question re Undershaw

A3 colour prints of Undershaw

British Library Visit

Slow going

"Save Undershaw" - Christmas Cards

Save Undershaw Awareness Day

Snowed in

Sherlock Holmes 2 - Another URL with a picture.

"The Lost Stories of Sherlock Holmes" - Book Review

Sherlockian / Doylean Christmas List

Progress report

6 days until the "Lost Stories"

It seems money can be found for Dickens

Books to review soon.

Murder Rooms

Dealing with criticism

A well trodden path

Haslemere Festival Latest

Regional interest

Book title

Things to look for in my new book


Haslemere Festival 2011

Tick tock

First Pics of Sherlock 2

A new society


Crime Thriller Awards

Bernard Davies R.I.P.

The Official Papers Into The Matter Known As The Hound of the Baskervilles

Lack of recognition

Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes and Devon: A Complete Tour Guide & Companion

The Science of Sherlock Holmes

A confession

Arthur Conan Doyle Society

Book review - England's Secret Weapon

The Strange Case of Sherlock Holmes and Arthur Conan Doyle (DVD)

Book suggestions


Review of "The Sherlockian"

The battle has begun


The Sherlockian

Slow going

The shame

Online newspapers

Book update

A brief hello


The Sherlockian

I'm an American now apparently

Sit rep

My books on ebay - a warning

Undershaw arrives on Wikipedia

Some people just don't get it

Milestone passed

Thank you

A mistake perhaps

Drip drip drip

Sherlock Episode Three

Letter in The Times

British Library

CTH on iPad

Sherlock - Episode Two.

Slow going

BBC Wales

Swift service

That's showbiz


BBC Radio 5 LIve Breakfast Show

Weird brain

Undershaw book

Poll added

Modern-day Sherlock approaches

Portsmouth ahoy!

Mrs Georgina Doyle

Out of the Shadows

Buck passing

Book Review

Man of Letters

Beyond wow

Real life gets in the way


Message from Lynn Gale of The Undershaw Preservation Trust

Unlikely reviewer

Undershaw book - latest update

Waverley Disgrace

A national disgrace

Well deserved win

D-Day - Undershaw Planning Meeting

Undershaw book


Charging over RRP

Progress update

What a day

Signing - "The Norwood Author"

What's in a name?

A gentle reminder

The old fire is back

Work has begun

Raffle winner

Undershaw book

Undershaw Blog entry re my good self

Goal achieved

A Golden Evening