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The Saf-Tip Disposable Enema (yes really)

Merry Christmas

A lot going on but not much to write about

BFI Footage of Arthur Conan Doyle

Bontempi and the Six Napoleons

Working class Holmes - new book on November 11 2016

Happy Birthday Jeremy Brett - 83.

Guest Post from Alan Lance Andersen

New book alert - Sherlock Holmes and the Cryptic Clues

Announcement - New book from Tim Symonds

The Affairs of Sherlock Holmes • by Sax Rohmer

"Fun" with Facebook Holmes groups

Book VI is go.....

Review: Mystery Weekly Magazine

About Sixty - Cover and Publication Date

I'm part of Generation G. Are you?

Video footage of Conan Doyle

Proof-reading "About Sixty"

Facebook presence change

BBC Video about Mycroft Holmes

Jeremy Brett - is he really not honoured?

Houdini & Doyle - no life beyond the grave

Houdini and Doyle - what next?

Visit to ACD's Grave

Sherlock Series 4 Teaser Trailer

Houdini and Doyle - cancelled?

Review: Sydney Passengers' Log Vol 19 No 3

Sherlock and Toby Jones. Are we being tricked again?

Steel True 86 years ago

The Secret Archive of Conan Doyle

South Norwood's "Moriarty Pub" LATEST

Back on iPlayer

Penny Dreadful - why no Holmes?

Review: Sherlock Holmes Journal Summer 2016

Kate Brombley speaks!

Conan Doyle : Plagiarism situation

Yawn. Conan Doyle and Plagiarism - again!

Mild Spoilers - Houdini & Doyle Series One Review DVD

Guest Post: Doyle, Sherlock and Me by Diane Gilbert Madsen

Final Interview - with Kate Brombley

New category icons

Sherlock 4 - Which villain will Toby Jones be?

A notice re The Undershaw Preservation Trust

The Vote before the EU vote

You're not a Sherlockian! Yes I am!

"Moriarty Pub" - No news!!!!

Author Interview : Elizabeth Varadan

Book signing at the Sherlock Holmes Pub

Interview with Bill Barnes

Author interview : David Marcum

Portsmouth Museum update

ABOM - The Post-Mortem

Interview with Erin O'Neill

Interview with Meghashyam

A Study in Change - Portsmouth's Sherlock exhibition gets an update

Author interview : Geri Schear

Author interview : A S Croyle

Author interview : Hugh Ashton

Author interview : Robert Perret

Interview invitation

Sherlock IV - Are people fed up and cynical?

#Setlock - This year's policy

Sherlock IV - The filming is on!

Review: Passengers' Log - January 2016

Review - Sherlock Holmes, The Missing Years: Timbuktu:

So what's the future for Houdini and Doyle?

Review: Houdini & Doyle Ep1

Update on current reading

Current reading....

Hiddleston rumours

UPDATED - Don't have Sky? No Houdini & Doyle for you!

The Mushroom analogy

UPDATED Houdini & Doyle poster and preview

William Stanley Pub update

Houdini and Doyle trailer

The fate of the William Stanley?

Not so careless whispers

Conan Doyle Bio Giveaway

Unseen Sherlockian women

Having a clear out for charity!

Guest Post: Sherlock's magic

Review: The House at Baker Street

A fresh call for guest posts

Look what's arrived for review...

Exploring the library

Is Sherlock Losing It? - follow up.

I need to ask a favour

Book sales are strange

Review - Adventures in The Strand by Mike Ashley

Holmes in another Conan Doyle book?

Just arrived for review

No Better Place - Now on Kindle

Is Sherlock losing it?

SHSL Annual Dinner 2016

Guest post - Spoilers - Abominable Bride Review

Review - BSJ 2015 Xmas Journal

SPOILERS - Review - The Abominable Bride