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Tide yourself over

My life summed up in one collage

Best wishes for the holidays

So many journals

Winter 2015 Sherlock Holmes Journal

The Bride is getting closer

Latest Sherlock Teaser

Sherlock Special - Behind the scenes footage

Animated Holmes and Peter O'Toole

"The moustache has gotta go" ......why?

Nice images from Sherlock Special

New Book on Spiritualism available

Farewell to Baker Street - Review part 3

Farewell to Baker Street - Review part 2

Current reading

Autumn BSJ - review

The Autumn BSJ is here

Book review - The Silly Side of Sherlock Holmes

Can someone tell me why? (well apart from the obvious)

Haslemere - Missing a Sherlockian opportunity

No Better Place - ebook update

Pizza Express Sherlock Makeover in Haslemere

Creepy eBay Sherlock collectable

Video - Digital Spy talks to creators about the Sherlock Special

Sherlock - The Abominable Bride - poster

Sherlock Special - a question about cocaine.

Summer Baker Street Journal - my favourites

Sherlock Victorian Special - Extended trailer

No Better Place - ebook edition

I've returned to Facebook (in a small way)

William Gillette film

William Hope - Photograpaher of Spirits

Which period?

A bit of amateur market research

Review of No Better Place

We have a trailer and I love the look of it

Brief Victorian Sherlock tease from the BBC

Some Sherlock Special Filming Footage

Undershaw watch

Criterion - follow up

Criterion Restaurant

It's all a bit quiet isn't it?

A nice thing to receive

Remembering Jeremy Brett - 12 Sep 2015

Review: Art in the Blood

Down the rabbit hole once more....

When will Holmes return to the shadows?

We are custodians – nothing more….

The gallery develops

Interview with the Sherlock Holmes Society of India

Mission accomplished

The book I'm looking forward to...

Let's talk "restoration"

No Better Place - Reviewed by the good Doctor W.

No Better Place - Number 1 for a little while

Review: Petr Kopl's The Final Problem

No Better Place - Out Today

Meeting with Jay Ganguly

No Better Place - Early release

The Kingsley Question

David Stuart Davies at Edinburgh

A little bit of messing about

Undershaw - want to know the history?

I love the smell of new books in the evening...

Sherlock Victorian Special - quick peek

UPDATED - Sherlock Special Photo - That went well...

85 Years Ago today - The Death of Arthur Conan Doyle

On the shelf (literally)

Mr Holmes - Review

Criterion Restaurant in danger

Undershaw - June 2015

No Better Place - not long to wait

Book Review : Sherlock Holmes as a Pipe Smoker

Latest addition to the collection.

Arthur & George - BFI Q&A

Little video about ACD's home at 12 Tennison Road

Pictures are funny things

Video Ideas

Birthday file received

Happy Birthday ACD - 156 years today

The (never ending) wait for Sherlock Series 4

SHSL 2015 Annual General Meeting

Questions, questions.

New Book - Final Front Cover

Documentary number two - an idea

The Man of Many Parts - Moriarty Documentary

Moriarty Documentary.....worries

Mr Holmes - Latest Trailer

Separating the wheat from the chaff

Time served....almost!

Sherlock Holmes and Politics

Sherlock Holmes (in One Take)

Book title released.

Review: TV Series - Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson

Undershaw - BBC Website article

I have a draft cover now

Latest book - update

Editor feedback

Review: Arthur and George - Part 3


Review: Arthur and George - Part 2

My first video effort - a trailer for the video I actually want to make

Video ideas - your input is required

Mr Holmes Trailer

Review: Arthur and George - Part 1

The agony of suspense

Latest purchases

"Lost" Sherlock Holmes story - my thoughts

A burst of progress

Lost 'Sherlock Holmes' story discovered in man's attic

Undershaw - Press reaction or lack of

The best present

Arthur & George Trailer

Undershaw Planning Meeting - All Systems appear to be go

Oh this is so frustrating...

Simpson's in the Strand - could be under threat

Winter BSJ has arrived

#Setlock - A can of worms (Spoiler free)

Close to Holmes in Spanish - go on, buy a copy!

What do we really thrive on?

I thought we were at saturation point

SHSL Annual Dinner 2015

January madness

SPOILERS Sherlock Special - What if.....?

The BSJ Christmas Annual Arrives

Editing has begun...