Keep Moriarty dead - there are other great villains

I've said before that I don't want Moriarty to really be back in Sherlock. Here I propose the villiains that series four should really draw on.

Baron Gruner

After Moriarty and Milverton, Gruner is probably the most (in)famous villain in the Canon. Featured in The Illustrious Client as the killer and womaniser who counts King Edward VII amongst those who wish to see him fall.

Gruner (left)

Culverton Smith

The expert in tropical diseases who is Holmes's enemy in The Dying Detective.

Isadora Klein

The, in modern terms, cougar who disposes of the young men she once desired as if they were cast off clothes and hatches an ingenious plot to get hold of a manuscript that could expose her in The Three Gables.

John Clay

The audacious bank robber touted by some as being a lieutenant of Prof. Moriarty. He was thwarted by Holmes in pursuit of French gold in The Red-Headed League.

Sir George Burnwell

The malicious driving force behind the events of The Beryl Coronet.

Written by Alistair Duncan
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  1. Despite death, Moriarty always seems to make a comeback. In the Rathbone series, Moriarty returned three time even though he died twice.
    While I think my theory of Moriarty triplets is a good one, I think that it would be considered not clever enough for Moffat. After Series Three, I would not be surprised at whatever inane ideas show up on Four and Five.

  2. While Moriarty was incarcerated by Mycroft the mad scientists at Baskerville cloned him, would be my guess.

  3. For the most part I agree with you, Alistair. I don't suppose I mind very much if they bring Moriarty back, but I am a little annoyed that they aren't giving much consideration to many of the great villians. One of my personal favorites with the dreaded step-father in "The Speckled Band" but I'm afraid after what I saw in the last season that they aren't going to address that case at all. One of the things that I was most excited about with Sherlock was getting to see how they updated many of the old Victorian cases so I'm saddened to see them pulling further away from the canon in favor of what looks more like the old soap opera style i.e. This person is dead but somehow they magically reappear in some out-landish, completely impossible happening like the cloning Silke Ketelsen mentioned or a total brain transplant putting some woman's brain in Moriarty's body and all those other ridiculous, long laughed at traditions of the soap opera genre. I hope they don't go that route because I do like the show so much.

  4. Culverton Smith is my favourite villain thanks to the fantastic Jonathan Hyde who played him in the Granada series. He was so evil and cruel..

    It would be interesting to see a modern version of Isadora Klein too.

    And I do not want Moriarty to play a walking dead :) I just loved Andrew Scott in the role but resurrecting him seems absurd.


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