Very unimpressed

When I was researching my books access to on-line newspaper archives was vital. It seems now that one of the most important has become the victim of a, frankly, absurd business model.

The Times has long been the UK's most well known news periodical and when a huge number of its historical back issues was made available on-line it was a good day for researchers. I made use of the archive for my latter three books and found it an easy experience.

You paid for credits which could be used over x days to view x articles. It worked very well and you could download what you viewed for later reference.

All good.

Yet this is no more. Casual research on this basis has been rendered no longer possible. The people behind The Times have decided that you must subscribe to the main daily newspaper in order to get access to the archive.

It is sheer lunacy and I'm forced to conclude that they have done this to deliberately nudge people into subscribing to a service that has fallen short of expectations.

Written by Alistair Duncan
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