Do you find the following interesting? I just threw it together.


I'm conscious of a headache. My vision is blurred. Was I asleep? I'm worried that I need to ask myself the question. No I cannot be, whatever I am lying upon is too hard.

I become conscious that I cannot move my arms. They are bound. Fear starts to rise within me. How did I get here? How long I have I been here?

I become aware of footsteps, someone is running. I hear the sound of doors being forced open and my name being shouted but I cannot answer. Why can’t I answer?

The door flies open and the outline of a familiar figure kneels beside me.

“Watson, please excuse the brevity but the constabulary desires your arrest.”


Written by Alistair Duncan
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  1. YES!!! I definitely want to know more.

    Didn't you say non-fiction? This sounds fiction-y...?

  2. I did indeed and it is. This is a little something else that I might expand on later. This is not THE book.

    1. If you do expand on it, I'd want to read it! I'm not usually interested in additions to the Holmes canon but I'd read yours for 2 reasons: 1. It looks pretty interesting by this snippet, 2. I think you could do a good job


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