Moriarty - The Diamond Geezer of Crime

Digital Spy notes here that Vinnie Jones - the ex-footballer turned screen presence - has possibly been cast as Moriarty in CBS's Elementary.

For those who dislike Elementary this is apparently excellent news and is seen as, optimistically, the last nail (or perhaps stake) in the coffin for the show. However that would seem unlikely. I have read several predictions that the show will not survive beyond its current series but, personally, I think it likely that this show will reach at least series three. That's a finger in the air estimate with no science behind it but I feel on safe ground when I say there will be a series two. The sheer notoriety created by the show's presence will ensure that.

Top row - original Moriarty, Lyn Harding, Eric Porter
Bottom row - Jared Harris, Andrew Scott, Vinnie Jones(!!?)
Whether you like the show or not the idea of linking Jones and Moriarty seems absurd. If Jones had not carved out a career on screen playing hard men/thugs with no significant mental prowess he might have got away with it but those are precisely the parts that he has generally been cast in and thus people simply struggle with the idea that he could play a character who is Sherlock's intellectual equal.

Let us not forget that the original Moriarty (you know - the one from the books) was not a match for Holmes physically. What you need in a Moriarty is a man (or perhaps woman given CBS's interest in gender swapping roles) who is pretty much 90% brain. The actor playing the role, in my opinion, also needs to be older than Sherlock. This age gap should be at least five years maybe closer to ten.

Personally I would like to see Anthony Andrews given another crack of the whip.

Update - This could, of course, all be nonsense. Perhaps Jones is in line for some other part. He could perhaps be the modern Colonel Moran. That I could see working.

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  1. I think if you read the CBS site on Elementary it shows an 'M' as Vinnie Jones and shows him as a criminal who has followed Holmes to New York.
    Since the show so far does not have quite the cerebral plot lines as other Sherlock Holmes shows, he will probably more Hannibal Lector type.
    Looking forward to it, even after last weeks bad episode.

  2. Producer Rob Doherty has said in interviews that we would see Moriarty's lieutenants before we would see him, and as your deduction of casting proved, we did. As you surmised, Vinnie Jones was another Canonical villain with an M initial. "I feel on safe ground when I say there will be a series two. The sheer notoriety created by the show's presence will ensure that." I do disagree that it is only because of sheer notoriety that the show will last longer than a year. "Elementary" is quite popular with 11 million viewers a week. And I feel that this show does right by Holmes and Watson. Reasonable people may reasonably disagree about the worth of a particular Holmesian adaptation, but I thought this episode was very good. By the way, was the misspelling of "check" a clue?


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