Conan Doyle's other works

Now I suspect the vast majority of people are aware of Arthur Conan Doyle purely through his Sherlock Holmes stories. I am as guilty of this as the next person. Aside from the Holmes stories I have read ACD's autobiography, a few of his Round the Fire Stories, some of The Stark Munro Letters and a part of A Duet.

From someone who can count himself amongst Conan Doyle's biographers this is an uncomfortable admission. I feel that I have failed the great man and have, to a certain extent, justified his dislike of Holmes.

Therefore I make an appeal. To those of you, like me, who have read little else of Conan Doyle - make the effort to read at least one of his other works. If you have, make a comment and let me know what you recommend and why.


  1. Mr. Duncan you make an important point regarding the rather inexplicable trend of serious Sherlockians who for various reasons fail to read works by the Literary Agent beyond The Canon. I picked up 'The Original Illustrated Arthur Conan Doyle' (all his Strand non-Sherlock fiction) on Castle a while back and read a story whenever I find myself lamenting the seemingly paltry amount of canonical Holmes stories (60 just isn't enough!).


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