Which modern Sherlock Holmes is winning the social media war?

Is it just my perception or is Sherlock beating Elementary hands down in the social media scene?

I stress that this is not a comment on the pros and cons of the two series but simply an observation on their social media presence. Perhaps this is how it appears because I'm in the UK but it seems to me that the Internet is awash with sites linked to Sherlock but fewer for Elementary.

While both shows have their official sites - run by the television stations etc, only Sherlock seems to have a large number of fan sites - from the comprehensive (e.g. Sherlockology) to the relatively casual (such as sites on Tumblr).

Now perhaps I'm just using the wrong Google search terms but it does seem far easier to find sites relating to the BBC show than it does its CBS counterpart.

It also seems that there is more love for Sherlock in the US than there is for Elementary in the UK. Now I accept that this has a lot to do with the fact that the US show is only available in the UK to Sky customers which does limit its exposure.

Is this an inaccurate perception?

Written by Alistair Duncan
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  1. No, I don't think so. While Elementary certainly has its stalwart followers, Sherlock is the internet's beloved. Think of the twitter spikes during its airing. As far as I know we have never experienced something similar with Elementary.

  2. Hi John. Can you resubmit your comment without the link? It's my policy not to publish links in comments. Thanks.

  3. Although I think you can start comparing the two on a Sherlockian level (which I think has been fair game since the beginning), Sherlock is the clear winner in 'fandom' appeal. And has really taken advantage of that appeal, as it should.
    For all it's faults, I think Elementary should be the clear winner for it's honesty and staying faithful to it's roots.
    Sherlock is more 'hip' and trendy and has B.C, and may even appear, yes appear, to be more loyal to the Canon, but I think it has it's own agenda and is serving that, and that alone.
    I really like B.C as a Sherlock Holmes actor, but still think the show is letting him down in a future Sherlockian legacy.
    I enjoy both shows, but perhaps having seen Sherlock before Elementary came out, Sherlocks realization of it's potential has let me down.
    Elementary was always expected to be the least of the two shows so therefore can only surprise and go upwards.
    Elementary is sure of it's place, whether we like that place or not, while Sherlock does not seem to be able to find it. It's appeal seems to be more Dr. Who like than Sherlockian.
    With that said, I look forward to the next two shows and hope I am wrong about this early assessment of Season Three.

    1. If that's how you feel about ep1 then ep2 will not change your perception much. However most viewers agree that ep3 is amazing regardless of how they felt about eps. 1&2

    2. I do however think that BC's legacy as Holmes is assured and in a good way.

    3. You're totally right Alistair! The BBC is winning this by far.
      Tumblr and Twitter alone can testify to that.

    4. I think BC is a great Holmes, and any faults I find the show are not in his ability.

  4. While I enjoy both shows, it's hard to use social media as a measuring stick. Elementary is written for a more casual audience, and is doing quite well among them, but that casual audience is unlikely to flood social media. Sherlock is written in a certain modern style that appeals to younger fans who like to spend time on social media, to the point that this fanbase was actually integrated into the latest season of the show including all the twitter hashtag stuff. This doesn't mean one is more popular than the other (the viewing numbers are nearly a wash when you compare) but merely that one more closely engages its audience.

    1. I said originally that it was not a comment on either show's popularity. As you say may be the Ele' audience is more casual. What do others think?