Well we can now breathe out a little

We can now relax a little. Those of us who have been trying to keep as quiet as possible about Sherlock series three can now speak a little more freely now the US has seen episode one.

It was not possible to avoid discussing it entirely of course but "spoiler" prefixes were very much the order of the day. This of course still applies to episodes two and three and there are of course some countries that have not seen any episodes.

So what did you think American readers?

Written by Alistair Duncan
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  1. Mixed feelings. I can't argue about Sherlock's cluelessness about John's grief -- the original got that wrong too. But the bit in the subway went entirely wrong when it got turned into a massive joke. C'mon, Sherlock's not THAT thick!

    1. Sadly, he is. In this new season he only ever seems to be the 36th cleverest person in any room.

  2. I will post my comments tomorrow. Thanks.