Undershaw - My honest opinion

Undershaw has had some coverage recently with a mention on BBC radio and in the BBC's programme Countryfile. So I feel it is now time to look at the options once again.

One of the ideas for Undershaw's future is that it be turned into some kind of attraction. I simply do not see this happening. As wonderful as the idea is we cannot escape the economic situation. Shops in Hindhead are closing due to a pure and simple lack of passing trade. This was already happening but was made worse with the advent of the Hindhead Tunnel.

This allows traffic to bypass the area. So if Undershaw was to be an attraction it would be entirely dependent on people targeting it rather than popping by on the off chance.

What would such an attraction offer to the visitor in any case? There are no artifacts to show so what exactly would people be coming to see? Items would need to be sourced or borrowed from other places and how many of them would be relevant to Undershaw?

To my mind the future of Undershaw lies in it returning to the function it was built for. In other words it needs restoring so that it can be a family home once more. I think far too many people have the attitude that Undershaw is only worth saving if we can all traipse round it. This has resulted in the desire for a visitor attraction. This is not necessary. If the house is restored and loved that should be good enough for us all.

Written by Alistair Duncan
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