Spoilers - I'm not entirely happy

Although I enjoyed His Last Vow I have one major quibble with how it ended.

Seriously, go no further if you don't want major spoilers!!!

I think we got what a lot of us expected. Mary was very much not what she made herself out to be and John was suitably mortified. Sherlock's parents (well his mother) were not the dunces he had painted them and we learned the identity of Redbeard.

But, seriously - Moriarty!!!

Sherlock is on the point of being sent into exile when Moriarty starts appearing on TV screens across the country asking if people had missed him. Sherlock is very quickly summoned back to take on the challenge - and that's where it ended.

So, are we to believe that Moffat and Gatiss are taking their love of the Rathbone films even further by making Moriarty the villain that never dies?

I, for one (and I suspect I'm very much in the minority), do not want Moriarty back. I don't want him turned into the equivalent of the Daleks or Bond's Blofeld - the villain that just keeps coming back. In the books he went over the falls and stayed dead (except for a retrospective in The Valley of Fear). 

Some members of fandom have been screaming for his return and the word from Moffat has been. to date, that Moriarty was staying dead. Was this economy with the truth or is he just fooling us all again?

On this occasion, I hope we're all being fooled.

Written by Alistair Duncan
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  1. I'm gonna suggest that Moriarty's not actually back and that's the big plot twist.

  2. Couldn't agree more. I was most disappointed by that particular development! Although perhaps it's his brother James...