Spoiler(ish) So what do we do now?

Once again we are entering a Sherlock hiatus. Will it be different this time?

Well of course it will. To begin with Sherlock is not believed dead or in any kind of known peril. So, for a start, we will not be plagued with further theories on this point. It is true that we have not been given a definitive answer on how he survived the fall but I really don't think it will occupy people in the same way that it did before.

In fact, this series has left us in a pretty good place (whether you liked it or not). John has forgiven Sherlock and is happily (?) married; no one that we really like is dead or in any obvious peril and we've even met some new and interesting characters. Yes, a certain individual may be reappearing (or not) and that simple fact will probably form the basis of some lively speculation.

There may be some on-going skirmishes between the fans of S3 and those who felt it lost its way but these are matters of opinion rather than thoughts on the future and the latter is where the hiatus entertainment truly lies.

We have it from the horse's mouth that both series 4 and 5 have been (loosely?) plotted out and that they are trying to not make us wait so long for the next series.

I guess we'd better knuckle down and get on with it....the waiting that is!

Written by Alistair Duncan
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  1. Hmm, I don't know.

    I think series 3 was outstanding. I loved every minute. But I can also see why some were ... unhappy. I use the word loosely because, after seeing some of the fandom comments, their feelings are explosive - and they're not afraid to voice them!

    The last 2 years left fans with a major mystery to theorise over and boy did they! It was frustrating, fun, it filled the long gap. Excitement and expectation built with every new theory until ... gazillions of viewers for episode 1.
    But this time ... there really isn't anything to talk about. Okay, yes, Moriarty, but upon reading the (rapidly diminishing) discussions and comments on t'internet, no-one *really* seems to care all that much.

    I understand Moftiss saying quality over quantity, 'treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen' but this time I think it might work against them to a degree.
    Already on a few sites I frequent the forum threads have come to a standstill. For days after HLV aired I could barely keep up with the onslaught of posts. Now there are just occasional links to sightings of, interviews with or articles containing the words Mr Cumberbatch.

    The BBC are eager for more Sherlock asap. Moftiss have promised they'll work as quickly as they can, and I believe them, but life (and Dr Who and the call of Hollywood) has a habit of getting in the way of what we want.

    Cumberbatch has been quoted as stating he's free in February, Ms Abbington has said Freeman is free in April. Moffatt has stated he doesn't even have a script yet. Making series 4 will be a headache of major proportions. I'm starting to think 2 years may be optimistic!

    Some in the fandom have suggested 1 new episode a year could work as a xmas treat. Easier to schedule actors and crew, quicker to write, film and edit, more time to indulge in other pursuits. Not sure how Moftiss feels about that? Also a bit not good for dvd sales I imagine.

    Meanwhile we are back where we were 2 years ago and the road ahead is long and dusty - and definitely less crowded than ever before. New shows are appearing all the time, threatening to create new devotions and obsessions that will chip away at the Sherlock fandom. 2 years is a long time in the world of make believe. The fandom will suffer and may begin to evaporate.

    (I fully accept that Mr Cumberbatch will now be adored forever. 'Sherlock' introduced him to the globe but his rising star will keep those fires burning, regardless of whether he dons the hat and coat again.)

    But ‘Sherlock’ is about more than just a leading man. Passion, intrigue, characterisation. And stunning, stunning dialogue. We love the whole package. We want the whole package.

    I am excited about series 4 - but I'm also bored. I've watched all the Sherlock dvds (several times, well one must rewatch over and over to spot those little clues missed previously) and have formulated theories and opinions of my own as to the who's, the why's and the how's. But there's really no-one left talking about it anymore. And it's not even been a month.

    There does seem to be a growing fanbase for the other modern day reworking, Elementary, and as it is a US production, there's lots of it. All at once. Every year. 22 Sherlock mysteries - be still my heart!

    I need that in my life. I need mystery, drama, action, hope (I suppose I could try dating again. Hahaha.)

    So, as disloyal and dirty as I may feel, it is with a heavy heart that I'm moving on. Slowly.

    I’ll definitely be back in 18 months or 2 yrs, whatever the wait may be, but I may be revering my Elementary boxsets, counting down the mere months or even weeks until the new season begins, whilst trying to remember where 'Sherlock' left off. Whether I can be won over again remains to be seen. When I love, I love with an intensity. When I walk away, I don’t tend to look back. I am not the only one.

    I feel quite sad today.