Spoiler free review – The Sign of Three

After the roller-coaster ride of The Empty Hearse we return to form with the second episode of Sherlock series 3. 

This episode revolves around John and Mary’s wedding and, as with the first episode, the action jumps back and forth in time to ultimately tie together a large number of threads at the end.

It is diffiuclt to say much without the dreaded S word rearing its head (that’s “spoilers” by the way) but I can say that we get to see John and Sherlock on the former’s stag night, some excellent deductions, some laugh out loud moments, some excellent scenes and lines for Amanda Abbington as Mary (some might argue that she gets all the best lines) and loads of nods to the Canon.

In my opinion this was a superior episode to the opener and if episode three tops this we will truly end series three on a high.

Written by Alistair Duncan
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  1. It was a wonderful episode. I practically cried with laughter from start to finish.

    The direction and cinematography were much improved.

    Sadly, it practically killed the whole thing for me. THIS is not what I want to see when I watch Sherlock.

  2. Everyone I've watched the new series with has commented on how much Sherlock himself has changed since season one. I think that's true--but it's not so much that he's become more human, but is starting to learn to become more human. And I think Sign of Three showed that really well. It wasn't the monster of the week format of season two, but with such big developments as Sherlock's return from the dead and John's moving on with Mary, returning to that formula would have (I think) negated the emotions and relationships built up in the previous seasons.