Announcement - New contributor

Doyleockian is no longer a one-man operation. I've taken on a recruit....

Following my experiments with guest posts (which were always in my mind as a not too subtle recruiting device) I asked one of the guest posters to consider coming on board as a regular contributor.

Her name will be familiar to some of you as she is a regular commentator on a number of Sherlockian blogs. It's the one and only Silke Ketelsen - often noted via her Avatar:

Silke has provided the following bio which will soon also appear on the contact page.

"I discovered Sherlock by accident when I channel surfed in the summer of 2011 as it was aired for the first time in Germany. I hopped into it right in the middle of the "cabbie takes Sherlock to the further education college" scene when the cabbie produced his gun and Sherlock and I both said, "Dull..." at the same time.

I later re-discovered the show when I couldn't avoid the online hype about the imminent launch of series two any longer and have been securely Sherlocked ever since. Although I don't come from the ACD side of the fandom, I have since read the canon twice and am interested in pastiches, homages and fanfic of both the show and the canon."

Silke, as she admits above, is not an ACD obsessive (like yours truly) and will, I hope, provide a good counter-weight to where I generally come from on all things Sherlockian. I hope you will all welcome her on board.

I'm not averse to further recruitment. If you're interested in coming on board let me know through the contact page. Send me an example of an article that you'd write along with a short Sherlockian bio and we'll see what we can do.

Written by Alistair Duncan
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  1. Thank you again, Alistair, for this great opportunity! I'll try my best at not being too boring and hope for interesting discussions here.

    1. As Sherlock would say - Relax, you're doing fine. (S1E1)