I want to make this lady a star

The YouTube reaction video was a concept that I was unfamiliar with until the aftermath of The Reichenbach Fall. I watched a number of these and was staggered at the content.

Some elements of fandom need to get a grip

I don’t pretend to know an awful lot about the activities of fandom – and by this I am referring  to the social media savvy fans whose Sherlockian interest largely revolves around BBC Sherlock – but as a body it can be awfully touchy and has a tendency to the very intolerance it seems to identify and abhor in others.

A reminder re post comments

I do state this clearly in my FAQ page but it would appear that I need to mention it again....

Sherlock Holmes polls - what is the point?

I'm now wondering what the point is of internet polls in which people are invited to nominate their choice for best screen Holmes.

Well we can now breathe out a little

We can now relax a little. Those of us who have been trying to keep as quiet as possible about Sherlock series three can now speak a little more freely now the US has seen episode one.

Undershaw - My honest opinion

Undershaw has had some coverage recently with a mention on BBC radio and in the BBC's programme Countryfile. So I feel it is now time to look at the options once again.

Spoliers: Why I don't trust Mofftiss anymore

On tumblr and message boards alike fans are turning themselves into pretzels in an effort to make sense of the senseless. Among other things they are trying to find out:

Spoiler(ish) So what do we do now?

Once again we are entering a Sherlock hiatus. Will it be different this time?

Spoilers!!! - Silke's Sherlock Series Three Assessment

My new "partner in blog" Silke Ketelsen now offers up her assessment of series three. You know the drill folks. Put your tin hats on and strap yourselves in. 


Slightly spoilery - My assessment of Sherlock series three

The last post by Silke has attracted some ire on Twitter with some thinking that I was the author. In view of this I thought I would offer my assessment of series three. It is slightly spoilery so you may find some surprises if you've not been watching all the trailers so beware.

Spoilers: When fanon becomes canon – or why I don't love series 3 so far

This post was written by new regular contributor, Silke Ketelsen and was written before episode three of series three was broadcast. As those who know her have come to expect, it is robust and pulls no punches.


Spoilers - I'm not entirely happy

Although I enjoyed His Last Vow I have one major quibble with how it ended.

Seriously, go no further if you don't want major spoilers!!!

Spoiler free - Review of His Last Vow

Well, after two years of waiting the series is over and we're back to another wait. However it was a stunning episode.

Why was Holmes resurrected?

Following on from my post about fan influence, it has been suggested to me that Sherlock Holmes was resurrected due to fan interest/influence. This is not quite true.

Announcement - New contributor

Doyleockian is no longer a one-man operation. I've taken on a recruit....

Spoilery - There's Something about Mary

Warning - I shall be discussing Mary Morstan from Sherlock in this post. In order to do so I shall be revealing aspects of series three. Do NOT read further if you don't want spoilers.

Guest post: Warning Spoilers!!!! - Review of The Empty Hearse

Right, I'm going to be as blunt as I can. The following guest post reviews The Empty Hearse and contains spoliers. If Sherlock series three is yet to screen in your country I suggest you step away from this post.

You have been warned - APD

His Last Vow - Trailer

Here is the trailer for the episode that will decimate the Sherlock fandom for the next two years or so....

Who is Sherlock for?

Do the more intense fans of Sherlock have too much influence?

Spoiler free review – The Sign of Three

After the roller-coaster ride of The Empty Hearse we return to form with the second episode of Sherlock series 3. 

Guest post: Book Review of "Erasing Sherlock" by Kelly Hale

Please find below the latest guest post. This is a book review provided by the formidable Silke Ketelsen.

Spoiler Free - Review "The Empty Hearse" Sherlock S3E1

Okay. So you’re about to compose the story of Sherlock’s return. What kind of plot do you want to craft?