Conan Doyle's other works

Now I suspect the vast majority of people are aware of Arthur Conan Doyle purely through his Sherlock Holmes stories. I am as guilty of this as the next person. Aside from the Holmes stories I have read ACD's autobiography, a few of his Round the Fire Stories, some of The Stark Munro Letters and a part of A Duet.

From someone who can count himself amongst Conan Doyle's biographers this is an uncomfortable admission. I feel that I have failed the great man and have, to a certain extent, justified his dislike of Holmes.

Therefore I make an appeal. To those of you, like me, who have read little else of Conan Doyle - make the effort to read at least one of his other works. If you have, make a comment and let me know what you recommend and why.

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  1. Mr. Duncan you make an important point regarding the rather inexplicable trend of serious Sherlockians who for various reasons fail to read works by the Literary Agent beyond The Canon. I picked up 'The Original Illustrated Arthur Conan Doyle' (all his Strand non-Sherlock fiction) on Castle a while back and read a story whenever I find myself lamenting the seemingly paltry amount of canonical Holmes stories (60 just isn't enough!).