Maiwand event March 12th

I am en route home from the SHSL Battle of Maiwand evening. It was easily the best event I have thus far attended.

I was accorded a number of distinct honours too. I was asked to sit at the top table and was able to discuss my books and other Sherlockian tales with the chairman and his wife. In addition I met the vice-chairman who was responsible for reviewing my second book.

Roger Johnson was behind the second honour when he provided me with a CD containing e-versions of the first 50 years of society journals. An honour indeed.

Now home to bed.


  1. Congratulations! Is the CD of the past 50 years of the SHSL journal available commercially?


  2. No I don't believe so. Currently I possess one of about eight copies. However I think selling it commercially is the long-term idea.


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