Criterion - follow up

Yesterday I asked about the fate of the Criterion Restaurant.

My post was seen by certain esteemed Sherlockians and it turns out that the restaurant closed its doors in August.

On August 20th, the following statement was issues by the property managers:

I regret to advise that due to the downturn in trade and no interested party being found to acquire the restaurant despite all avenues being exhausted the restaurant was closed yesterday evening.

The most pressing concern now is the fate of the plaques commemorating the restaurant's Sherlockian links. As Oscar Ross of The Crew of the S.S. May Day (Northern Ireland's Sherlock Holmes Society) stated in an email to me, we need to hope the plaques don't vanish in the same way as the plaque that used to be on Abbey House in Baker Street.

It seems a sad irony that, at a time when all things Sherlock are riding high, physical sites associated with him are suffering hard or uncertain times e.g. Simpsons, The Criterion.

Written by Alistair Duncan
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  1. Once again sad, as you say. I am glad I made the pilgrimage a few years ago.