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A really great source of material on Arthur Conan Doyle's life during his first marriage is very hard to get hold of these days....

The source in question is Out of the Shadows by Georgina Doyle. Mrs Doyle was married to the late Brigadier John Doyle who was the son of Conan Doyle's younger brother Innes. The book contains a considerable amount of uncommon family photographs and details from family papers such as the diaries of Innes Doyle and Conan Doyle's daughter Mary (the copyrights of the latter's diary currently rest with Mrs Doyle). These were people who had ringside seats in the family and who provide valuable insights into the life of the great author.

The book is incredibly hard to get hold of currently and the only new copies have to be shipped from Canada (which is not cheap). Largely because of this, the book is relatively unknown. This is something I would like to see remedied.

By way of comments, please let me know if a copy of this book (paperback or hardback) would be of interest to you. If there is enough demand we may be able to secure favourable terms.

Written by Alistair Duncan
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