Spoilerish - We are in the dip

I feel that we have firmly arrived in the Sherlockian dead zone.

Just enough time has elapsed since the broadcast of series three for talk to have died down from the levels that immediately followed the big reveal. Is is true that, in due course, the theories about whether or not Moriarty has returned to Sherlock will start to really spread but, for now, things have gone a little quieter. Well this at least applies to small part of the Internet world that frequent.

Sites that are dedicated to Sherlock, and can provide new facts, will do well. But the rest of us will suffer a dip. I'm already seeing this as my posts on "classic" Sherlock start to increase at the expense of those revolving around Sherlock

Written by Alistair Duncan
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  1. It's quite the contrary here in France. Since series 3 will broadcast in a few weeks on French television, the madness has just begun. Until now, it was just the few people who followed the original diffusion of the episodes, but I expect an explosion of reactions and theories in the following weeks...

    'Classic' Sherlock would definitely be the solution to stay away from this upcoming wave of madness.

    1. Wow. I really thought it had been shown everywhere by now. Maybe I should put a spoiler warning on this post...

    2. I know that in Japan and Germany too, the third series hasn't been broadcast yet...Maybe a spoiler warning could be useful for those who managed to avoid spoilers until now.

    3. Germany will get the new episodes in JUNE! But Sherlock isn't that big an event here and I expect it to go pretty much unnoticed by the media.

    4. Can I expect some fresh input from you in the near future? :-)

    5. Oh dear! I've a bad conscience about not contributing anything at the moment, but I'm all written out about S3 and am furiously writing fix-it fic at the moment.
      Perhaps I can come up with another book review soon?

  2. "I'm already seeing this as my posts on "classic" Sherlock start to increase at the expense of those revolving around Sherlock." That can only be a good thing. #bombs with off switches are the new sexy #you can eliminate the impossible with a bullet to its head

  3. Season 3 will be broadcasted from the 29th of March here in Hungary, so we are before the "madness" too. And I agree with James - more talk about the classic Holmes is good. I have never been such a great fan of BBC's Sherlock, and after the things I heard and read about the new season I am sure this will not change.