I was recently asked a question....

Yesterday, I was asked on Twitter why I don't have a picture of JLM as Holmes amongst my many Holmeses at the top of this blog.

The answer to this is simple and there is nothing anti-Elementary about it.

The actors depicted are those that I've seen enough of to form a proper, informed and (relatively) positive opinion about. As I have seen only the pilot for Elementary I don't have enough to go on so I have omitted JLM from the gallery. It is for the same reason that the two Russian Holmeses are also absent.

Now the eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that I include the first Russian Moriarty in my footer collection of Moriartys. However the rules for that are different. I introduced that compilation some time after the Holmes gallery and struggled to find many to depict. Moriarty has not tended to feature on screen as much as you might suppose and I included the first Russian Moriarty (the only one depicted that I've not seen) simply because I need to make up the numbers.

That is not a problem I have with the Holmeses. Rest assured when I see more adaptations the galleries will be reviewed.

Update: This reminded me that I was missing Anthony Andrews whose Moriarty I rather enjoyed. I could not say the same for Edward Woodward's Holmes. The footer gallery is now updated.

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