Ebay sales

I am selling one dedicated and signed copy of each of my books on ebay. Go and look and get bidding.

Radio Interview

My radio interview is taking place this Saturday at 11am. However it is a recording at this stage so you won't be able to hear it. As soon as I know when it will be broadcast I will let you all know.

British Library Fun

As many of you will know, the British Library is one of the UK's copyright libraries which means they are legally entitled to a free copy of every book published in the UK. Due to the sheer volume of books it can take a while for entries to appear on their searchable database.
The entry for my first book only appeared in February and my first name had been spelled incorrectly. I reported the error and received, today, an email to apologise and to inform me that the spelling had been corrected. However it contained this postscript which I found rather amusing:
"We still have a "clash" between you and
another author called "Alistair Duncan" - joint author of the title
"Impact of agricultural practices and catchment characteristics on
Ayrshire bathing waters" (2001)! "

Close to Holmes - ebook edition

My publisher is making its first moves into the world of e-books. My second book 'Close to Holmes' is one of those now available.
Check it out here.


I am once again in demand for radio. Resonance 104.4 FM are a London based arts station and they wish to produce a documentary on Sherlock Holmes. As I understand it, this is to include an examination of his origins and a look at his enduring popularity.
Hopefully my interview will take place during early April.

Langham Hotel plaque unveiling

I'm on my way back from the Langham Hotel. Yours truly managed to stowe awayy for part of the event. As a result I got to not only see the unveiling but also attend the reception and get my booklet signed by Mr Gyles Brandreth.


New review for The Norwood Author

I quote parts of a recent review...

Biographies are tricky things. It's difficult to write a compelling one--one where the reader doesn't walk away feeling like they heard the information before; that what they just read wasn't repackaged and repurposed from some other source. And when your subject is one of the most written about men who ever lived... well, then the task of presenting something new and unique grows even more difficult.

So what higher compliment can I pay to Alistair Duncan's latest outing, "The Norwood Author," than to say that I *learned*? ...

...And, as a result, the picture of Conan Doyle's life grows a litte clearer, a little more crisp around the edges, a little more complete.

from @goddessinsepia

Bookersatz Review of 'The Norwood Author'

A review of my latest book by Helen Hunt of Bookersatz can be found here:
You can also read an interview I had with Helen here:


On May 13th the Sherlock Holmes Society of London will hold its AGM. Following this will be a SHSL version of the popular BBC quiz show Eggheads.
The Eggheads in this instance will be the SHSL team that lost out to the 'real' Eggheads on the BBC.
Facing them will (hopefully) be two teams of challengers. I am proud to announce that I will be a quarter of one of these teams.
Picture will hopefully follow the event (win or lose).

Maiwand event March 12th

I am en route home from the SHSL Battle of Maiwand evening. It was easily the best event I have thus far attended.

I was accorded a number of distinct honours too. I was asked to sit at the top table and was able to discuss my books and other Sherlockian tales with the chairman and his wife. In addition I met the vice-chairman who was responsible for reviewing my second book.

Roger Johnson was behind the second honour when he provided me with a CD containing e-versions of the first 50 years of society journals. An honour indeed.

Now home to bed.

I know it's off-topic but...

I doubt much writing of any kind will get done today. I waited up for my wife last night (she was at a work function) and I am consequently knackered.

Good news this morning is that someone has bought my book as my sales rank has improved.


Novel re-launch

As some readers know I felt compelled to trash my fledgling novel. I had allowed it to drift out of control although it did contain some good individual scenes.

Although it was hard, I put it to one side and began again. I am now 2,500 words in on the new ms and have what feels like a far more coherant story. I have even managed to work in some of the work from the first attempt.

I think I'm on my way.

Amazon running out of The Norwood Author again

Come on people. Make a combined effort and force Amazon to re-stock again. Get those wallets out. 

Amazon UK Author Central Page

 My three title are easily accessible from my author central page on Amazon UK.

Plaque unveiling at Langham Hotel, London

On March 19th at 11.30am a plaque is to be unveiled at the Langham Hotel in London. This plaque marks the day in 1889 when Arthur Conan Doyle and Oscar Wilde first met at a dinner arranged by the American publisher J.M. Stoddart.

This dinner resulted in Stoddart commissioning a story from both men. From Conan Doyle he commissioned Sherlock Holmes's second adventure The Sign of Four and from Oscar Wilde he commissioned The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Anyone can attend the unveiling but the reception afterwards is invitation only.


The Norwood Author

Sales so far have been encouraging. Clearly there is room for another Conan Doyle biography. Go on folks, buy more copies.


Today I lodged my objection to the proposal to convert/develop Undershaw, Arthur Conan Doyle's former home in Hindhead.

Let's see how it goes.

Views so far

Chapter one of my ms has now been placed under three sets of eyes for assessment. Whilst there have been suggestions, all are united in the opinion that it looks good and that they'd read more.

Let's hope that the same opinion stands after they've seen more.