Author interview : Robert Perret

I recently offered up an interview template. I am proud to present my first interviewee - Robert Perret.

What got you interested in Sherlock Holmes and when?

Let's talk Sherlock
I remember reading the Canon in a complete collection cover to cover when I was in school and loving it, but that was back before the World Wide Web and so I was woefully unaware of pastiches or fan fiction or any other way to engage with things Sherlockian.  Several years ago I came across a complete collection at Costco and picked it up on basically a lark.  I haven't looked back.  In addition to reading the Canon through a few times I've listened to dozens of OTR episodes, seen nearly all English-language screen adaptations, read dozens of pastiches, written a few dozen pastiches and have even gotten a few published.

Did you get encouragement from friends and family? Did anyone question your interest?

My wife has been really supportive, particularly of my writing.  Others have noticed that I really like Sherlock Holmes, but they don't suspect the fathomless Holmesian depths into which I have fallen.

Who is your favourite screen Holmes and why?

I like them all and have yet to see a bad Holmes.  He is such a strong character I think he withstands and even flourishes across interpretations.  That being said, if forced to choose I'd say Rathbone is probably my default mental Holmes.

When did you first decide to write a book in the field and why?

I had always wanted to write fiction but had drifted away from it after college.  My re-discovery of Holmes coincided with a mid-life reassessment where I found myself wondering "what now"?  The answer ended up being writing about Sherlock Holmes a lot.  I've had a few short stories published and a few more accepted.  I have a first draft of a novel resting on my hard drive and am chipping away at what I hope will be a second.  I have an idea list for more stories that goes on for pages.  It should keep me busy for awhile.

How do you find the Sherlock Holmes community, any really positive or negative experiences?

So far it has been great.  I really enjoy IHOSE and HOUNDS-L and the Holmes subreddit when it occasionally stirs to life.  I live in the middle of nowhere so I have not been able to attend any Scions or conventions or other in-person meetings but I look forward to doing so someday.

I would like to have more Sherlockian friends so please feel free to visit me online at or

Written by Robert Perret

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  1. Nice to meet you, Robert! Hope to see your novel removed from your hard drive and published soon. Good luck!