Review: First Books of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – edited by Stephan Arthur of The Poor Folk Upon the Moors

This booklet, which is a limited edition priced at £6 (includes postage), looks at the young Arthur’s early attempts at writing beginning with a scrap from a story written about a Tiger when he was at school. 

So my prediction was out then...

A short while ago I made my prediction for when Sherlock series three would air in the UK. It would seem I was a little out.

Missing Sherlock? You're so lucky

Are you one of the legion of people who are missing Sherlock and longing for its return. Well, as my parents occasionally said, you don't know you're born. Spare a thought for the Victorians.

Sherlock Holmes R.I.P. ?

Is Sherlock Holmes, by which I mean the written Holmes, on the decline? Yes it may seem a silly question but, if the internet can be taken as indicative, the answer must be yes.

Is it possible to legitimately criticise Sherlock or Elementary?

As I have remarked before, Sherlock and Elementary find themselves compared against each other all the time. The problem I feel now is that legitimate and objective criticism of either series is virtually impossible thanks to the, frankly, tribal followings that the shows “enjoy”.

Doylean Giants: Hesketh Pearson

I thought I would write a brief post about a man whom I admire greatly and do so on the strength of one book. His name is Hesketh Pearson.

Society Plug - The Poor Folk Upon the Moors

Regular followers of this blog will recall that I recently had an article published in two journals. The article in question was entitled The Hound of the Daffodils.

So what do we think about colouring Rathbone?

Basil Rathbone was responsible for my first experience of Sherlock Holmes. Consequently, even though I don't consider him my favourite Holmes, I have a special fondness for his films and his portrayal.

Adaptations can only hurt themselves

One of the arguments occasionally bandied about is that Sherlock Holmes pastiches, fan fiction, screen adaptations etc. can, if not done well, damage Sherlock Holmes as a character. I believe an argument on these lines has been put forward by the Conan Doyle estate in its battle over copyright in the US.

Arthur Conan Doyle - A Study in Accuracy

When it comes to biographical accounts of the life of Arthur Conan Doyle there has always been a problem with accuracy.

Sherlock and Watson eh?

What is it with the names of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson?

Sherlock at the BFI - my thoughts

I must admit to being decidedly irritated by the whole business of the première of Sherlock series three being at the BFI in December.

Arthur Conan Doyle and women

For advocates of sexual equality Arthur Conan Doyle can be seen as both a hero and villain.

Should things that are “off the page” stay that way?

In the Sherlock Holmes stories there are things that are alluded to and events that are described after they have taken place. Should people who are adapting the stories for the screen leave them that way or is it good for them to use such things as a pass to indulge themselves?

Happy Birthday (almost) Jeremy Brett

This Sunday (November 3rd) sees the birthday of the late, great Jeremy Brett. Born in 1933 he would have been eighty years old. Alas, he died in 1995 at the age of 61.