My best Sherlockian items thus far of 2011

I know it is only September but I feel compelled to put together a list of the best Sherlockian/Doylean things I have read so far this year. The list includes books and blogs and is not in order of preference.

Barefoot on Baker Street

A fascinating look at the life of Red as she works her way up from humble beginnings in the workhouse to the pinnacle of crime meeting Moriarty, Holmes, Watson and others en route.

The Dark Detective (Issues 1 - 5)

The superb illustrations of Phil Cornell combined with a good storyline make this a comic series to treasure.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle at the Cinema

A comprehensive (if slightly out-of-date) look at the attempts to bring Conan Doyle's works to the silver screen.

The Outstanding Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes

An above-average set of Holmes pastiche featuring a couple of really novel plots.

William Gillette: America's Sherlock Holmes

The first and only(?) biography of William Gillette who brought Holmes to the stage in the UK in 1901.

A top class blog on all things Sherlockian.

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  1. Agree with you on Always1895 - a brilliant blog and also on Barefoot on Baker Street. I would add The Case of The Grave Accusation simply for the fun pastiche.