British Library launch event for "The Narrative of John Smith"

I was very pleased to be invited to the British Library launch event for Conan Doyle's 'lost' first novel. This was held yesterday evening in the library's bookshop.

Jean Upton and Roger Johnson

Catherine Cooke with a member of the British Library's publishing team

Many notable names were in attendance. Roger Johnson, Jean Upton, Catherine Cooke and David Jones of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London. Richard Doyle and his sister Catherine were also present. Representing The Undershaw Preservation Trust were John Gibson, Lynn Gale and Sue Meadows.

John Gibson, Robert Lindsay, Sue Meadows and Lynn Gale

The final two names of major note were Conan Doyle biographer Andrew Lycett and actor Robert Lindsay who narrated the audio book edition.

Richard Doyle making his speech of thanks

Everyone gathered around a speaker to hear a recording of Conan Doyle. We were all surprised and amused when the recording developed a stutter

The Book

My copy signed by Richard Doyle

I shall add more pictures as I receive them from others. Hopefully some will feature my good self.

Update - further pictures courtesy of Roger Johnson and Lynn Gale.

David Jones, John Gibson and your humble blog author

Humble self, Jean Upton and Catherine Cooke

Me and Robert Lindsay

Me and Richard Doyle

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