Proof-reading "About Sixty"

I am one of a number of people currently proof-reading sections of a new book called About Sixty...

Image from Facebook page. Not necessarily the final cover
This book, which is being overseen by Christopher Redmond, is a collection of essays by Sherlockian scholars. Each contributor has taken on one of the sixty canonical tales and attempts to prove it to be the best of the Canon.

I am proof-reading what I guess to be between one quarter and one third of the manuscript and I have to declare that I admire the contributors. From my perspective, some of them are attempting the impossible (i.e. I'm sorry but there's no way that story is the best) and some make compelling cases.

I won't say more as that would be dangerously close to a review which would not be fair based on only part of a proof. Let's just say that it's looking good.

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  1. What a great idea for a book!
    I have a fondness for even the less popular stories, such as 'A Case of Identity', so I guess it's possible for find someone for them all.

  2. An interesting idea, although I'd hate be the one who had to try and make a case for say, CREE or VEIL. I imagine it will be fun to read, though.