Sherlock and Toby Jones. Are we being tricked again?

  Are we being sold a fib with regards to Sherlock series four and its main villain?

Exactly which villain is Toby Jones playing? There were all kinds of rumours as to which Canonical villain he would be playing when his casting was first announced. Some time later it was shown on Spotlight (or something similar) that he had been cast as Culverton Smith and IMDB also lists him as such.

Nonetheless, some articles are still writing as if his villain is unknown. Today, an article in the online Radio Times makes no mention of Jones as Smith. The whole article acts as if his villain's identity is still a big secret.

Is this the Radio Times just refusing to acknowledge the information that's out there or have Moffat and Gatiss done another Abominable Bride on us? Accidentally on purpose giving an idea of what's going to happen and then completely changing it. They have plenty of form.

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  1. I think RT just haven't been monitoring the situation. They're probably not fans and just consider the article a page-filler.

  2. It maybe damage control. It was leaked when Cumberbatch first signed on to Star Trek II that he was going to be Khan, then all throughout production and post-production, all connected with the film said Cumberbatch wasn't Khan. Once again, it's best not to pay too close attention to Sherlock-leaks. Who knows, maybe Culverton Smith will turn out to be Papa Moriarty.