Houdini and Doyle - cancelled?

 I am one of a not insignificant number of people who enjoyed Houdini & Doyle. Since its first series concluded I have been monitoring the web for news of its future.

However my monitoring was not regular so I was shocked today to discover all manner of articles on-line stating it to be cancelled.

Has Houdini escaped his contract?

Now, it should be mentioned that none of these articles are from solid sources. The show's future is officially unknown but I do find myself thinking the old adage "there's no smoke without fire".

In the US it is reported that Fox screened the series finale on July 4th which pretty much ensured low ratings. Other reports state that some of the actors have departed on the grounds of low pay. I find that one particularly odd given that I read, months ago, that Mangan had signed a five-year deal on the show in which, presumably, his pay packet would have featured prominently. It is of course possible that it is the more peripheral actors whose pay is really the subject of these rumours and whose contracts are probably less generous.

In any event I hope these rumours prove false and that the show is renewed. I know it plays fast and loose with the facts and the chronology but it is pretty fun.

For an example article read here.

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  1. You would love the Spanish show 'The Department of Time'. They had Houdini in one episode (and the actor who played him had played Sherlock Holmes in a Spanish movie) and even showed a seance with Conan Doyle!!!

  2. Thanks, Juan. I was about to look that up when I saw the link went to my own blog. :)

    All those "cancelled" articles are click bait. One of the writers of the show says no decision has yet come down.

  3. It got pretty bad reviews over here. I couldn't make it past the first episode and only sheer bloody-mindedness kept me watching that long. It probably won't mean much to fans in the US & Canada, but over here making a Scot and Englishman is a recipe for disaster. Sir Arthur would be horrified. To be fair, I do know a few people who enjoyed it. None of them were from the British Isles.