"Moriarty Pub" - No news!!!!

A little while ago I posted about the impending closure of South Norwood pub The William Stanley.

For those who missed those posts, the pub was home, thanks to yours truly, to an Arthur Conan Doyle/Sherlock Holmes display which gave details (some inaccurate - that's another story) on the links between ACD, Holmes and the area.

The new owners of the pub - Antic - have still not responded to my enquiries about whether or not the display will be retained when it eventually reopens (there is no date for this yet).

This is a source of sorrow for me as I lobbied hard with previous owner J.D. Wetherspoon to get the display erected and it had been up since 2009. When I moved away I considered that I done right by the area by giving them the display and more details in my book The Norwood Author in which I suggest that Stanley could have been the inspiration, in part, for Professor Moriarty.

For more information on the man behind the pub name please watch my little video.

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