The book I'm looking forward to...

As regular readers of this blog will know, I'm not overly excited by Sherlockian pastiche or homage.

As I've said before, I tend to find that output falling into this category disappoints more often than not. So it is the realm of non-fiction that holds the greatest appeal for me.

As I've remarked before, it is very hard to break new ground in the Sherlockian / Doylean field. People have been writing in this field for quite some time and it is often the case that the only way to break new ground and/or get noticed is to come out with something crazy. However it is possible to avoid the eccentric route.

The book I am waiting for the most is one that I already have. Yes I know that's a bizarre thing to say. The tome I refer to is Från Holmes till Sherlock by Mattias Boström.

Yes, I already own it. Mattias very kindly sent me a copy by way of thanks for some small assistance I provided with access to research materials. However, being a typical Brit, I'm essentially monolingual so lack the education to read the original.

Ever since I glanced at the book, and gained an indication of its comprehensiveness, I've been waiting for an English translation. It now appears to be on the horizon.

Now you'll have to excuse me while I rub my hands in anticipation. It's hard to do that and type.

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