When will Holmes return to the shadows?

At the moment, with all things Sherlock riding high, it is perhaps difficult to remember a time when it wasn't thus.

We are custodians – nothing more….

I recently, as mentioned in other posts, secured a long wanted item…the autograph of Jeremy Brett.

Like, I suspect, many of my readers, I am a hoarder of things Sherlockian; although I am quite focused in what I do and do not collect. This is partly driven by my personal taste but also by space (or lack thereof).

The gallery develops

At home I have something of a Sherlockian gallery. The latest item is now in situ....

Interview with the Sherlock Holmes Society of India

In a recent post I talked about how I had met Jay Ganguly of The Sherlock Holmes Society of India.

Mission accomplished

I have never made a secret of my fondness for the Granada series starring Jeremy Brett.

The book I'm looking forward to...

As regular readers of this blog will know, I'm not overly excited by Sherlockian pastiche or homage.

Let's talk "restoration"

Undershaw has again risen to the top of the discussion chart with the recent news that a judge has permitted a further hearing to take place on the validity of the present school plans for the house.

Meeting with Jay Ganguly

Today I briefly met with Jay Ganguly of The Sherlock Holmes Society of India. We had a nice chat...