Review: Petr Kopl's comic-book The Hound of the Baskervilles

I recently reviewed Petr Kopl's A Scandal in Bohemia. It is now time to turn my attention to the Hound.

The big difference on this occasion is that Kopl is working with one of the canon's novels so there has been no requirement to weave together more than one short story. That said, elements from elsewhere in the canon still find their way into this work.

One of the things I have noticed with screen versions of this story is that screenwriters have often thrown in (or taken out) elements in an apparent effort to make their version stand out from the many others.

Kopl has done something similar with his comic-book and has done so in almost every area. Character personalities have been altered, scenes omitted, dialogue between characters moved to different locations...and let's just say that one change has led to the title being slightly inaccurate.

Once again we have crossover characters. Some from Conan Doyle's other works and others from elsewhere. Again, this wasn't necessary but it doesn't get in the way too much and thus does not detract from the main story.

Once again, quibbles aside, this is a good presentation of some classic Holmes and, once again, the book is supplemented with some Sherlockian essays.


Written by Alistair Duncan
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