It's nearly over....

In May of 2015 I will stand down from my position on the Council of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London. My three year term will be over.

Psst! Would you be interested in standing?
I still recall when I was sounded out about standing. It was funny as my wife had asked me if I would ever seek to sit on the Council only a week or so previously.

At the time I'd told her that I'd never seek to sit on the Council. In my opinion that was not how it was done. I told her that I'd wait to be asked.....and then I was.

Thanks to a combination of professional and personal reasons, I've not been able to attend as often as I would have liked but I am proud to have conceived the idea of the Stoddart Dinner and helped to steer it from conception to delivery (including my faltering speech).

So, in May I shall, as it were, return to the backbenches with some fond memories of my time on the ship's bridge (please excuse the mixed metaphors).

Written by Alistair Duncan
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