RLG Collection and RNIB

Yesterday saw me at Portsmouth Library undertaking training on how to audio describe things for the blind and partially sighted.

Around 11 of us attended and it was with the aim of equipping us all to describe items in the RLG collection to the blind and partially sighted. We began with some background information on living with sight loss and moved on to a range of practical exercises designed to give us some idea of kinds of visual impairment as well as hone our describing skills.

After a light lunch we made our way to the museum housing the RLG exhibit where we were divided up and given the task of coming up with a BPS friendly description for exhibits.

The cabinet you can see here was the one my team had to describe. Dave, on our team, who lost his sight relatively recently, said that what we produced was very interesting which is the best verdict we could have hoped for.

I hope it leads to more.

Written by Alistair Duncan
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