Reaction to series four announcement

As you probably know, yesterday saw the official release of the news that there would be a fourth series of Sherlock.

What was truly bizarre was the frustrated or angry attitude of some fans to this news. Cries of  'we already knew that' and similar could be seen on Twitter (and no doubt elsewhere).

That's not news. I want broadcast dates now!!!!!
What was staggering was the self-centred attitude of this vocal minority. These people need to remember that this is not their show. It is a show that they are fans of (along with many others).

Yes there were long-standing rumours of a special and a good chance of a fourth series if everyone could get their schedules in line. However it was not definite.

Also, for many more casual fans, the announcement from the BBC was news. These people, who almost certainly make up the majority of Sherlock's audience, are not glued to social media, are not au fait with the rumours and gossip. How, apart from such official press releases, are they supposed to learn of the news?

To a certain extent I blame episode one of the third series. It was perceived by many as pandering to the theories of the more intense fans. Whether that is true or not is neither here nor there, the perception is what counts. I have no doubt that this reinforced in the eyes of some fans that the show is being written for them and with their desires in mind.

It isn't. If it was you wouldn't need fan fiction.

Try to remember that it is the rank-and-file viewers of this show, who are in the majority and not glued to social media, whose numbers ensure that this show continues to get made and sold around the world. If anyone needs to be pandered to with official news and announcements it is them.

Written by Alistair Duncan
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  1. As far as I could see on tumblr people got a bit fed up with *the way* the announcement was handled.

    "There's going to be an important announcement!"
    cryptic messages from all around....
    "Important announcement tomorrow at such and such time!"
    cryptic messages from all around....
    "Tadaaa! There will be a series four and a special!"

    And at least the communications on twitter *were* aimed at the more intense fanbase - otherwise why use that social medium at all? They know how people over there react (often not so polite) to their tweets.

    1. Knowing the intense fans would read them and aiming them at them are two different things. However I'm referring to the BBC announcement in general (via all media) not just over twitter.

  2. Yeah, well, Mr and Mrs Casual Viewer are probably not following the Sherlock-tag on twitter. So, if you make a lot of noise on twitter who are you aiming at?

    1. Now now. You can be a casual viewer of Sherlock and a Twitter user you know. I don't deny the tweets were designed to tease but not necessarily to tease fandom.

    2. Plus they could be following the BBC account without chasing the a Sherlock tag. :-)