UPDATE Baker Street Tube Shock!

This morning I was made aware of some shocking news regarding the Baker Street Tube Station.

The station is currently undergoing some refurbishment. It would appear that, as part of this, the iconic tiles have been removed and there is no intention of putting them back.

UPDATE - I've since found more information here. Some of the tiles will be put back in place but I'm guessing that it will be a small proportion of the original number.

In emails I have seen, a representative of the firm undertaking the refurbishment states that as many of the the tiles "we were able to salvage" will be used to raise money for charity. At this stage I'm not entirely sure of the tiles being referred to. Is it the tiles at platform level (see above) or those close to the surface (see below) or both?

Doing this at a time when Sherlock Holmes is so popular is positively bizarre. It is presumably the sale of these tiles that will raise money. Devotees may therefore want to keep an eye out for news of any auctions.

Written by Alistair Duncan
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