Undershaw post - follow up

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not as up-to-date on all matters Undershaw as perhaps I should be. However, I've been doing a little reading and I am quite frankly staggered at the present situation.

Following the May 2012 High Court action, and the subsequent attempts to appeal against its outcome, Undershaw's present owners put the house on the market. It appears that this happened in the early part of 2013 for that is when the present "for sale" sign came to people's attention.

According to the website getSurrey the estate agent would not discuss the house with the media and UPT founder John Gibson notes that the estate agent has given the house no on-line listing and, allegedly, declines to talk about it. The article can be read here.

I have just attempted to see if this estate agent even has a website and so far all I have been able to determine is that Aequitas is the name of the Roman goddess of  justice and fair-dealing and it is from this name that we take our word equity.

It has to be seen as decidedly odd that an estate agent, whose fee presumably depends on the successful marketing and sale of the house, would be disinclined to gain some publicity by talking about the very famous address that it now has on its books. Is this their decision or one that has been imposed on them by the owners?

Regardless of which it is, it is a very strange attitude. It is tempting to wonder how serious they actually are about selling the property. I also find it amusing that the sign denotes that they would be open to letting the property. I cannot see anyone in their right mind leasing the property when it would require a fortune spent on it just to render it habitable and that it is money that they would not necessarily get back.

Written by Alistair Duncan
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