Sherlockian fiction V non-fiction – money or longevity?

There has always been a constant supply of new books in the Sherlockian field. In the years post-Granada and pre-Downey Jr/Cumberbatch this supply was best described as a trickle. Now it is a fast flowing stream or perhaps even river.

Latest eBay piece of fun

Well here is my latest quirky item found in the pages of eBay. Perfect for the crime fiction obsessive who needs to carry an ID card.

Black Armbands - more elusive than the Holy Grail?

I quick look at Twitter reveals that the subject of the Sherlock Holmes mourning bands has arisen once more. To be specific, it is the lack of any progress in finding evidence that has arisen (if something intangible can arise).

An ACD/Sherlock festival in Haslemere? Ideas please.

An exchange with contacts I made at the Haslemere Festival in 2012 revealed that there were no plans to repeat the ACD/Sherlock angle at future Festivals. I think this is a crying shame and am looking for ideas for a Sherlock/ACD celebration that could be held informally.

Weird Sherlock items on eBay

A few years ago I went through a phase of putting up details of out of the common Sherlockian items that could be found for sale. As I have nothing better to post just now I thought I'd offer this little gem.

How many more times?

Would you believe that a certain company (who shall remain nameless) persist in trying to get me to take up the offer of a money off  voucher if I permit them to sponsor a post on my blog. I don't know how much clearer I can make my non-commercial stance.

An old favourite

I have a good sized Sherlockian/Doylean collection and there is nothing like a house move to make you go through it all and rediscover items that you'd almost forgotten that you had. In this particular instance I have been rereading the 1941 biography of Conan Doyle written by Hesketh Pearson.

A three-pipe problem

Sorry for the recent quiet spell. I have been in the process of moving house and there has been much to do. Normal service will resume when the dust settles.

Le Figaro - Pre-translated/edited questions and answers

On Wednesday July 3rd an article was published in Le Figaro in which I was one of the "experts" interviewed about Sherlock and its impact. I was asked a lot more than was ultimately published so I obtained permission from the journalist to post my original answers to her questions here.