Undershaw - What do we do while we wait?

So, you might possibly be asking, what do we do while we wait for the judge's verdict re Undershaw?

Well the most important thing is that we keep the subject in the public eye. So, in other words, we should not change from how we acted before the Judicial Review took place.

Here are my suggestions:

1) - Tweet the case regularly using hashtag #saveundershaw

2) - Buy my book "An Entirely New Country" - 50% of net royalties are dontated to the UPT links here

3) - Buy "Sherlock's Home" - a collection of articles, stories and poems from fans who are concerned about the house's fate. Amazon (UK) Amazon (US)

4) - Visit the Save Undershaw shop. All proceeds go into the running the awareness campaign

5) - And don't forget......

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