Sherlock Series 3 Speculation

Now that the dust has settled I think we can safely start speculating about the stories that could be adapted for Sherlock series 3.

Episode 1 – The Empty House

Rather a given under the circumstances but as we have no Colonel Moran (that we know of) it does beg the question who will be hunting Sherlock and why? Will we still have the murder of Ronald Adair? infinite variety.

Episode 2 – The Sign of Four

My personal favourite from all the stories, I can think of an excellent way in which this story could be adapted for the modern day (which of course I won’t reveal here).

The great Jeremy Brett in Granada's first class adaptation of SIGN

Episode 3 – Charles Augustus Milverton

I know this to be an idea that has much support. It would not take much effort to bring this story up to date. In essence you could leave the story largely as Conan Doyle wrote it and just change it to today. Milverton is one of the heavyweight villains in the canon and I have given some thought to casting.

I assure you that I am armed to the teeth
In my opinion Richard E. Grant would make a wonderful Milverton. If not him then I would not hesitate to cast Anthony Andrews.

Backup episode – The Illustrious Client

Baron Gruner is one of the other big villains of the canon. There are parallels between this story and that of Milverton so whichever of the two actors above did not play Milverton I would cast them as Gruner.

 My last word to you is, go your own way and let me go mine.

So there you have my thoughts….

Mr Gatiss and Mr Moffat - get in touch if you want to hear my thoughts on SIGN :-)

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  1. I totally agree with your recommendations. Sign is probably my favorite story. It has so much, murder, mystery and romance. Especially romance. I love seeing Watson so totally smitten! Who would play Mary?