A Scandal in Belgravia - A few comments

Possible spoilers - if in any doubt do not read. You have been warned.

I have been hesitant to post any comments re A Scandal in Belgravia for fear of incurring the ire of people outside of the UK who are yet to see the episode. However I have been asked to comment now by a few people so I will do so.

I have tried to avoid spoilers but some may have made it into my comments so you read this at your own risk if you are yet to see the episode.

Once again Steven Moffat has shown his strong grasp of the original source material. The early scenes that illustrate how famous Sherlock has become through John’s blog are really well done as are the names of the cases they mention - all of which are plays on original cases from the canon.

Turning to Irene Adler – I think the portrayal of the character was fantastic. I’m sure the idea of her as a dominatrix sounds funny on paper but it seems to work on screen. The link between Adler and Moriarty was predictable but I suppose unavoidable given the way the episode opened.

A problem highlighted by others is that in this film Adler ultimately loses which is different from the original story upon which the film is based. I would contend that she both loses and wins. Yes she loses her hold over the government but she succeeds in gaining a much stronger hold over Sherlock than the character ever managed in the book. I won’t say more as that would be a definite spoiler. I would argue though that this is her victory – she makes Sherlock Holmes care, she makes him feel.

I apologise for the concise comments but I don’t wish to give away anything inadvertently. I am looking forward to The Hounds of Baskerville immensely.

I will be writing a guest post for Sherlockology following the annual dinner of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London. Keep an eye on their website for it.

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