A question re the next Warner Bros Holmes film

Here's a question for you all. Most people are agreed that there were things wrong with Warner Bros' Sherlock Holmes film. Some thought it so bad that the film out to be set alight. Others thought it was good apart from the odd irritation.

So - what things do you really hope they have sorted out with the sequel?


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  1. Holmes shouldn't be a drinker. (While this isn't likely to change in the film, it nonetheless irritated me) Also I take issue with the portrayal of Irene Adler and Holmes's lack of personal fastidiousness.

    Point one: he only reason the original Sherlock Holmes turned (very rarely) to cocaine was because his mind was atrophying and thus required stimulation. Cocaine is a stimulant, alcohol is a depressant, causing lack of neural activity rather than an increase. It would be illogical to declare "My mind is in need of stimulation! Grab the depressant!" That's like "I'm gaining weight! Break out the ice cream and eggnog!"

    Point two: Irene Adler. As much as I like the thought of her being a master criminal, she wasn't in the books, and neither was she the object of Holmes's affection. He only referred to her as "The Woman" due to the fact that she outsmarted him and thus earned his utmost respect. The original Holmes found no sexual attraction to her--it was more of a "Well, played, Miss Adler, well played" relationship rather than a "Dang, that's sexy and I totally want her now" reaction. To my knowledge, Holmes never thought with what is sometimes referred to as his lower brain.

    In the novels, yes, 221B was a right proper mess, with everything scattered about, but the man himself was very well-groomed--enough so that Watson mentions it on more than one occasion. While Robert Downey, Jr is undeniably good at making drunken scruffiness look good, the original Sherlock Holmes was quite concerned with personal cleanliness and hygiene.

    Those are my three main issues with the film; having watched it last night, they are fairly prominent in my mind.