A plea for guest posts

Not all that long ago I made a plea for guest posts. Sadly, I've had nobody take me up on it.

Don't relegate him - elevate him.

As anyone worth their salt knows, May 22nd was Conan Doyle's birthday. Once again there was a clutch of posts on social media clamouring for it to be seen as Annual Sherlock Holmes Day. I cannot fathom why people seek to belittle Holmes's creator - whether or not they see it that way.

Beeton's Christmas Annual facsimile from Life is Amazing

The Beeton's Christmas Annual of 1887 is something of a Holy Grail in Sherlockian and Doylean circles. It represents the first appearance in print of our favourite detective.

ACD Estate - Character material

In an earlier blog post I talked about a contribution I had made to the website of the Conan Doyle Estate...

What is your best source of Sherlockian / Doylean reference material?

As my more regular readers will know, I have written some books and articles in addition to this blog. To be able to do so with any reliability and accuracy I needed good sources of reference material.

Some local news.

Arthur Conan Doyle lived in the Surrey town of Haslemere for six months before moving to nearby Hindhead. Haslemere doesn't make much of the connection regrettably but this changed, in a small way, around three years ago.