Look what's arrived for review...

I have some reading to do.

Exploring the library

I really am an idiot at times. Always on the lookout for exciting things to collect without bothering to pay attention to what I already have.

Is Sherlock Losing It? - follow up.

In my earlier post Is Sherlock Losing It? I had a look at the Amazon ratings (UK and US) for the recent special and compared them against those for the regular series.

I need to ask a favour

I need to ask a little favour and I know it's a little pathetic and could backfire but....

Book sales are strange

I have to admit it, I cannot stop looking at the Amazon pages for my books....

Review - Adventures in The Strand by Mike Ashley

The British Library asked if I would read an advance copy of this book for review. Naturally I said yes.

Holmes in another Conan Doyle book?

I am presently reading a book for review on Arthur Conan Doyle's relationship with The Strand Magazine.

Just arrived for review

This has just arrived with me for review from the British Library.

No Better Place - Now on Kindle

There's been a bit of a wait but I can confirm that Amazon UK and .com are now selling a Kindle version of No Better Place.

Is Sherlock losing it?

There has been a lot of internet traffic following the release of The Abominable Bride and the Sherlock fan-base is polarized as it has never been before. Could this be the beginning of the end?

SHSL Annual Dinner 2016

Last Saturday saw the latest Sherlock Holmes Society of London Annual Dinner.

Guest post - Spoilers - Abominable Bride Review

Once again, my occasional collaborator Silke Ketelsen has some things to say. Read on....(Alistair).

Tide yourself over

I'm not likely to post again before the end of the year and when I do post again it will probably be to talk about The Abominable Bride.