Review of No Better Place

There have not been too many reviews of my latest tome so far but here is a nice one from Bob Byrne.

We have a trailer and I love the look of it

Last night saw the release of a reasonable length trailer for the Victorian Sherlock special.

Some Sherlock Special Filming Footage

Mark Gatiss is soon to appear on the BBC show Who Do You Think You Are? Here is a trailer in which we some Sherlock special filming.

Undershaw watch

I happened to be in the vicinity of Hindhead over the weekend and took the opportunity to have a look at Undershaw.

Criterion Restaurant

It was back in June that we learned that the famous Criterion Restaurant, with its Sherlockian and Doylean connections, had gone into administration following a dramatic increase in rent rates.

A nice thing to receive

Back at the beginning of the year I made a donation to the Friends of the Arthur Conan Doyle Collection at the Toronto Public Library.

When will Holmes return to the shadows?

At the moment, with all things Sherlock riding high, it is perhaps difficult to remember a time when it wasn't thus.

We are custodians – nothing more….

I recently, as mentioned in other posts, secured a long wanted item…the autograph of Jeremy Brett.

Like, I suspect, many of my readers, I am a hoarder of things Sherlockian; although I am quite focused in what I do and do not collect. This is partly driven by my personal taste but also by space (or lack thereof).

The gallery develops

At home I have something of a Sherlockian gallery. The latest item is now in situ....