Revisiting the past

Due to the lack of Sherlockian activity (or activity interesting to me) I have been struggling with topics to write about.

Holmes and Watson: Thoughts

Everyone else appears to have made a statement on this film so I am going to join them and no I haven't seen it.

Coming soon (I hope)...

Some of you may have noticed me referring to a Doylean commission on social media over the last few weeks.

Xmas recommendations 2018

Well we've had quite a year of books in our favourite field in 2018. These are my personal recommendations for present ideas for the Doyleockian in your life.

Solar Pons - some thoughts

Most fans of the Sherlock Holmes stories are aware of the amount of pastiche and homage efforts out there. They come in many categories.

Review: The Complete Paget Porfolio

When I first saw the earlier adverts for The Complete Paget Portfolio I was excited and the book does not disappoint.

The Sidney Paget Holmes drawings are, in my opinion, definitive. They set the standard for depictions of Holmes in pretty much all media. As such I really want to know all I can about them.

Apologies for the lack of activity

Once again I find myself having to apologise for the lack of recent activity on my blog.