Review: A Chronology of the Life of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 2018 Edition by Brian Pugh

To those not in the know, Brian Pugh has been working on his chronology of Arthur Conan Doyle for many years and used to privately print and circulate it prior to its more formal publication.

I can boast that it was through me that Brian and I came to share a publisher and his chronology thus became available to a much wider audience.

The 2009 edition was a trusty companion for many years and, as it went through subsequent editions, I was gratified to see my own works referred to in its pages.

I next obtained the 2012 edition but did not get a copy of the 2014 edition. I feel slightly remiss in that but now I possess a copy of the latest edition for 2018 and, for purely selfish reasons, I am glad as it now contains references to all of my biographies of Conan Doyle.

It may strike some readers as inappropriate to talk about my own books so much here but it is to a purpose. I value and admire Brian's work so much that it is an honour to be mentioned in this book's pages alongside great names such as Stashower, Lycett, Dickson Carr and Nordon.

This latest edition is enormous at nearly 500 pages.  Viewed side by side, this edition appears to be roughly three times the size of the 2009 edition. This demonstrates exactly how much has been added.

So what do you get in this edition? First and foremost this edition incorporates all corrections to previous editions thus superceding them. It also includes all the maps and material featured in the 2016 Addenda & Corrigenda. Then, of course, there are the fruits of Brian's latest research.

Family trees, maps, photographs of residences, commemorative plaques, graves, a day-by-day list of pertinent activities, a bibliography of Conan Doyle and those who've written about him. There are also photos of which some are appearing in print, it is believed, for the first time.

Any student of Doyle (and Holmes) needs to be equipped with certain books - the core texts if you will. This is vital element of that core library.

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  1. Brian's Chronology and Alistair's books are mandatory for any serious appreciation of ACD's life.